Market research services

Consumer surveys and market research

MRP-EURASIA is the social surveys and market research provider for Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Central Asia including the whole former Soviet Union region.  Contact us for more detail

Market Research services

MRP-EURASIA is the market research company that uses mass surveys to collect and report directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, attitudes and opinions. Projects range from simple “habits and attitudes” questionnaires to complex social and political studies. See more details on our research solutions .

A.     Type

·         Image studies for political figures, parties and movements;

·         Monitoring of the socio-political situation in the country and regions, and social response to foreign policy events;

·         Ratings of public institutions, politicians, political parties and movements;

·         Measurement of the governance quality and Rule of law; Measurement of the democracy level, and population welfare.

B.      Type

·        "Usage & Attitudes" studies (consumer behavior, preferences and attitudes, purchase decision making process)

·         Customer satisfaction, profile and “Life-Style” study

·         Brand and advertising awareness, attitude towards advertising

·         knowledge of brands and attitude to the products / brands   

Below you see the list of countries where we are available for market research services:

MRP International Reach

MRP-EURASIA provides market research solutions in 33 countries of Eurasian continent that utilize reliable market research tools and proven research techniques to enable client businesses to gather the critical consumer feedback necessary for important marketing, product development and other business decisions. In addition, our survey techniques lower research costs.