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Our Vision

We measure the customer experience and provide the highest quality, most credible information in a timely manner, that becomes uniquely actionable and far more effective.

Our Mission

MRP-EURASIA is dedicated to delivering excellence at every level through our partnership with clients, employees, and shoppers built on a foundation of respect, integrity and communication.


This page of the site is designed in order to make our business and our presence on the market of market research services providers as transparent as possible and accessible to any visitor. We are deeply convinced that the real trust of clients can earn only with qualitative work. At the same time, in order to the client wants learn us more deeply and try cooperate with us, we are sure - it is necessary provide the client with easy and accessible opportunity to learn us "inside". This page - "Large transparent window" to the world of MRP-EURASIA without embellishment and filters. We try to ensure maximum transparency in observing of our personnel work, in monitoring of our quality control. Here you can see our current and past PROJECTS, METHODOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS, FINDING OF RATIONAL SOLUTIONS, PROJECT PROPOSALS AND PRICE QUOTAS, ORDERS AND INSTRUCTIONS OF SUPERIORS, REWARDING AND PUNISHMENTS OF FIELD STAFF, STAFF CHANGES and INTERNAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, FEEDBACK AND OPINIONS OF EMPLOYEES and much more. You will see here a live organism of MRP-EURASIA and understand that it is developing, learning, achieve success and expresses publicly, openly and without restraints about itself on the market. This page implements the principles of democracy - TRANSPARENCY AND AVAILABLE INTERN AL INFORMATION for anybody.
That is the principal strength and uniqueness of MRP-EURASIA.

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