Quality Control

MRP-EURASIA complies with ESOMARs (the world organisation for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies) guidelines in our data collection. We insist on all potential interviewers handing in written applications with CVs, and all are interviewed by our supervisors to be assessed with regard to suitability.

Training staff

All MRP-EURASIA interviewers go through a basic training course focusing on market research, interview technique and communication. This training covers the basics of market research such as sampling and questionnaire wording, and goes into some detail on the subject of interview technique: how to correctly conduct an interview and how to deal with different issues and situations that may arise.

Time & cost effective management

At the core of successful implementation of all our projects is effective production connection between functional and linear system of project management. Our head managing office (functional management) coordinates the work of our Regional directors (line management). The head office provides all communications with clients and approving of project terms of reference.