Sociological surveys

MRP-EURASIA carry out sociological surveys in 33 countries of  Eurasian continent  (all Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Central Aurope and Central Asia, including NIS and former Soviet Union countries).

Sociological survey- collection of facts about a defined social group, and the term is still used in this way. The term survey is therefore not necessarily synonymous with ‘questionnaire survey’, since other methods of data collection (such as observation of behavior) may be employed in a survey. In practice, however, most sociological surveys are based on written questionnaires.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available to conduct sociological surveys:

Our Surveys can collect information on individuals, roles, social networks, and social groups such as households or families, organizations such as schools, workplaces, or companies. In most cases the information is provided by individuals, but the information collected may be about any social unit of interest, with larger and more complex units requiring multiple interviews to avoid the information limitations or bias of a single informant. Surveys are used to study poverty, social stratification, social mobility, political orientations and participation, work and employment, and virtually all the issues addressed by sociologists and other social scientists.

We are providing the international social surveys in the following fields:

Sociology of Transformations: East and West, relations, contradictions and symbiosis

Social Policy in the country, in the family, in society, in business

Political Sociology at home, at school, among friends, in the family, at work

Global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology

Economic Sociology: opinions and expectations of civilians and business

Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis

Sociology of Culture and Religions

Sociology of Consumption: who are the consumers, what they choose, why ...

Sociology of demographic groups, social minorities and gender relations

Sociology of law enforcement and good governance.

Sociology of democracy development and regional rule of law practices


We are offen involved in the the following market surveys:

1."Phenomenon and background of "color" and "flower" revolutions in

former Soviet countries”.

2. "Detection of strained social situations and modeling of political processes

in the emerging economies".

3. "Destabilization factors in Russia's relations with the surrounding countries

in Eastern Europe and Central Asia."

4. "The comparative study of public opinion in the former Soviet Union

countries on the social and political promises, perspectives and values of the

"West": and "East"...

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