Our Retail & store audit in CEE and FSU

Retail-audits aims to gather information on a brand's sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts, and other associated aspects.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available for retail & store audit:

Our audit will include sample selection and the examination of retail point of sale factors including (but not exclusively):


Sales unit presentation:

  • Pack dress
  • Labeling
  • Stock level on shelf
  • On pack promotional flashes
  • Average age of product on shelf
  • Sell by dates

Sales unit positioning:

  • Where on the shelf?
  • Where in store?
  • Prominence of promotional
    and point of sale material

Price points and competitor price points

If required we can extend the remit of your retail store audit to encompass competitors. To ensure you have the clearest picture of in store sales and marketing in every region we can also review your competitor’s products and retail point of sale.

The measures covered in the Retail Tracking reports are the following:

  • Retail Sales in volume (i.e. litres, kilograms, pieces etc.) purchased by consumers.
  • Retail Sales in value (local currency or other international currency).
  • Brand Shares (volume & value).
  • Retail Purchases (unit volumes purchased by the retail trade).
  • Retail Handling (% of outlets handling a product/brand during the period, numeric and weighted).
  • Retail Stocking (% of outlets with product/brand stocked at the end of the period, numeric and weighted).
  • Size of Stock (volume of stock held by the retailers at the end of the period).
  • Stock Coverage in days (volume of stock divided by average daily sales).
  • Retail Out of Stock (% of outlets with product/brand out of stock at the end of the period, numeric and VW).
  • Average Shelf Price.
  • Average Sales per Outlet Handling (sales volume divided by the numeric handling; it shows the average sales of a certain brand within the outlets handling that brand during the audit period).
  • Observation of in store displays

Additional measures can be implemented upon request.

We have extensive experience in conducting retail surveys, from measuring the total universe, to designing various retail samples.

Our approach to retail store checks is transparent and logical, which is why we are the ideal independent partner to help you protect your brands. We have a global network of qualified and experienced auditors who have the local knowledge to deliver.

Contact us for more information on CLT services or you can mail us directly at info@mrp-eurasia.com