Data Processing Services

With time, Market Research has gone on to occupy an important place in business today. By conducting research data is first gathered; processed and later outsourced, if the demand arises so. With immense data to be managed, service providers in the market have nowadays gotten into commercial data processing services too.

Many challenges are faced by the service providers while outsourcing Data Processing services. They summarize information into desirable format; generate summary statistics on data and create tables. Percentile rankings and frequency distributions are created. Rank order analysis on data is performed along with data extraction from unstructured content.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available for data processing services:

Data Processing services include the following: 

  • Data Cleansing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Survey Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Forms Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Examination Results Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Cheque Processing
  • Data Processing for market research

Over passage of time, data processing service providers have developed expertise in offering advanced analysis; table generation and indexing and cataloging to clients.

With the gradual rise in the number of employees in organizations, data management has become a complex task. It has also become necessary to process and store the organizational data safely and securely, while maintaining its confidentiality at the same time. Outsourcing data processing has thus become inevitable for an organization today.

Market research data processing services help managements systematize data in a well structured manner, thus simultaneously enabling organizations to further manage the flow of information.

Below mentioned are the different types of Market Research Data Processing services:

  • Data Conversion
  • Survey Processing
  • Organizing data for smooth access
  • Data extraction
  • Real-time data editing
  • Weight by factors, targets, margins
  • Statistical testing including t-test, z-test, ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance) and Chi-Square
  • Tables and number of respondents
  • Creation of data in single and multi card format
  • Remove data redundancy

Service providers offer elements of data processing gathered from data collection and data entry with the help of tabulation services. The data can further be exported for analysis in various formats such as fixed ASCII, SPSS and Microsoft Excel.

Following are the steps involved in MRP-EURASIA Data Processing: