Local Branch of MRP-EURASIA in Moldova

Moldova representative office of MRP-EURASIA comprises a team of research specialists (analitics and field staff) providing a full research service to businesses and public sector organisations in the World. For all needs contact Moldova_RFQ@mrp-eurasia.com

Market Research Company in Moldova

101 Columna street, Chisinau, Moldova
Ms. Nadejda Donciu, Country Director
of MRP office in Moldova
Ms. Ana Stancu,
Local Senior Superviser for Market research services in Moldova

Our branch of Moldova - market research territorial unit of international MRP-EURASIA and provides a full cycle of market research services in this country. We have a detailed understanding of specific sectors, their policy challenges and research needs. We're a team of research and evaluation experts based in Moldova representative office. Efficient combination of corporative standards and decision-making autonomy on the internal local management level.
To collect and report directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, market research attitudes and opinions. Projects range from simple "habits and attitudes" questionnaires to complex in-home product testing studies. We provide to our customers interested aspects of consumer behavior, including consumer preferences, expectations, concerns and purchasing power, as well as the factors influencing consumer behavior, including local cultural features and a system of active promotion

Along with the fact that MRP-EURASIA serves a variety of Market research in Europe and Asia (including the FSU and CEE regions), our company has its own regional market research branch in Moldova.

Therefore, MRP-EURASIA, in fact, is a Market research provider of Moldova, that enables us to support a variety of formats relationships with our clients across the industry Market research services in Moldova and consumer studies in Moldova.

For general requests for Market Research services in Moldova  RFP@mrp-eurasia.com

Last market research projects in Moldova conducted by MRP-EURASIA :

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Market of Moldova

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