Market Research Industries

MRP-EURASIA conducts multicountry mass surveys of citizens, end users and experts in various directions of industry. As a rule, our customers are interested in different aspects of consumer behavior, including consumer preferences, expectations, concerns and purchasing power, as well as the factors influencing consumer behavior, including local cultural features and a system of active promotion. As a result of our studies, we offer our clients reliable portraits of typical consumers in many countries, we are helping to assess the prospects of demand for a product or brand, checking the market capacity, we estimate the price elasticity and competitive products and much more.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available for market research:

Socio-economic research (Social and Political studies, Life-style insights)

One of the key research areas on which we focus from the very establishment. Socio-economic changes in our country affects all spheres of life.  They define the patterns of consumption and behavior of the population . While making strategic decisions, it is highly important to consider changing trends of socio - economic development of territories, demographic processes and value characteristics of the population,  as well as changes in the quality of life in general.

Research in this area has its own peculiarity, which we certainly consider. It is characterized by a large volume of work required to obtain representative results. Our experience guarantees high quality research.

In this area, we offer the following studies:

  • Assessment of the socio - political situation
  • Rating the trust towards political institutions
  • Confidence rating of key politicians and public figures
  • Electoral studies
  • Value orientations and their population dynamics
  • Dynamics of protest behavior

Health Industry

Care of health and beauty, healthy lifestyle and exercising are an integral part of modern life. During recent years a large number of companies providing health care, producing cosmetics, and offering fitness services appeared in the market. This market is far from saturation, but the strong competition is gaining the power and momentum. Therefore, market research is an essential element of doing successful business in this field.

Our company is pleased to offer:

  • Market segmentation and study of target segments
  • Exploring the needs of target customers
  • Analysis of competition
  • Mystery Shopping

During more than 9 years of successful operation, we have conducted hundreds of studies in many sectors of the market, reached the exclusive competence and constantly continue to improve the quality of our products and services.

We identified the key industry areas, in which we specialize at the moment. The high level of competition in these industries and dynamics of their development make marketing research an essential tool for achieving successful results in the competitive environment.

Automotive industry

Capacity growth of the automotive market, as well as rapidly changing preferences of both corporate and private customers, require special attention from automakers and dealers. Marketing research allows to better understand the behavior and preferences of potential customers. The experience of our company in this area allows stating that both quantitative and qualitative research methods are equally applicable for this industry research.

In addition, we offer other methods:

  • Mystery Shopping;
  • Ethnographic interviews;
  • Car Clinic;
  • Test drives (for experts and consumers).

Research in this industrial field has the following main goals:

  • Understand target groups, including their lifestyle;
  • Evaluate the brand image;
  • Evaluate product/service satisfaction level;
  • Identify future needs.


We conduct marketing research on a wide range of issues related to the development of medicine and the pharmaceutical market in Russia. Our clients are well-known pharmaceutical companies.

Tested research technologies in this highly specific industry, as well as an extensive network of expert doctors ensure reliable results.

We conduct interviews with the three main target audiences:

  • Patients;
  • Doctors/ medical specialists;
  • Key opinion leaders (KOL), the tender committee (payors), Ministry of Health.

Electronics and Appliances

Consumer electronics market is actively changing. New technologies and products, which are more functional, ensuring better quality and more affordable, replace the old ones. Consumer preferences and trends  are also changing very rapidly, creating new niches and segments. Thus, those companies who manage to receive the information about consumers and electronics market before others, get a significant competitive advantage.

Our company conducts marketing research to help producers identify:

  • Market capacity;
  • Effectiveness of advertising;
  • Brand position in the market;
  • Market niches for new products.


Telecommunications play an increasingly important role in the life of people. Today it is impossible to leave the house without a mobile phone or other device that allows modern person to stay connected and be informed of all the latest news. The huge demand for products of the telecommunications market creates new proposals. Therefore, our agency is actively pursuing research in this area.

In telecommunications, we conduct the following studies:

  • Product testing;
  • Testing of advertising campaigns and concepts;
  • Desk research of the industry trends;
  • Company image and brand research.

Internet and Information Technology

Information technology and the Internet have become an integral part of modern life and business.  The success of the business of many companies directly depends on the reliability and technical development of information systems. Population also actively consumes the products of IT field, which pushes further a huge supply and competition in this area.

Our company will help you to identify the latest trends in the field of information technology. We offer a wide range of marketing research studies in IT and the Internet:

  • Analysis of content on websites and blogs;
  • Research of Internet;
  • Testing portal usability.


Retail - a growing industry, showing amazing results over the last decade. Russian retail consumer market attracts international retailers. In this market, there are new players and new formats. Our agency is ready to help you on obtaining the valuable data on the retail market.

In this industry we conduct:

  • Monitoring sales of durable goods;
  • Quantifying the market volumes for retail goods;
  • Studying consumers.


Company "Bashkirova and Partners" has many years of proven experience in media research of television, radio and print sources. With the growing popularity of social networks and the blogosphere, we also began to engage in media research on the internet.

Our company can conduct all kinds of media research, media monitoring and media measurement.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

Cosmetics and perfumes market is characterized by demanding consumers and high dynamics of the appearance of new products. This sector shows strong growth. There is an expansion of trade networks, new manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics, and new stores. Consumers are constantly looking for new beauty products to better and more effectively meet their needs.
As a result, there is a need to undertake in-depth studies of the consumer attitudes towards new products, ranging from the quality characteristics of the product ending with its packaging. In addition, consumption patterns are undergoing constant qualitative change. Therefore, marketing research in the cosmetics and perfume industry is an important tool for achieving success.

Our company carries out:

  • Testing of new and existing products;
  • Monadic tests;
  • Analysis of brand recognition;
  • Testing advertising concepts.

Tourism and Travel
MRP-EURASIA offer market research services related to the travel industry.

Tourist industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive, moreover it is highly susceptible to the changes. New travel companies appear in the market, the old ones disappear being unable to withstand the competition. The specificity of the industry is that when choosing a tourism direction or tour operator, the opinions of other consumers of tourism services and experts play the central role here. Travel agency must be prepared for any changes in the structure of consumer demand.

Marketing studies allow to understand and predict these changes, create an actual picture of a market, and identify changes in the trends.

In tourism, we offer the following studies:

  • Analysis of tourist flows;
  • Analysis of attractiveness of certain areas/directions;
  • Research of consumer services;
  • Assessment of satisfaction with the services offered by airports and travel agencies.

Banks and Insurance

The financial sector is highly competitive industry. In the Russian market there are hundreds of banks and insurance companies, each of which expects to gain market share and win the fierce competition.
In pursuit of the clients, financial institutions develop new financial products, run expensive advertising campaigns, spent huge budgets for expansion and development. Marketing research in the financial sector allow to increase the effectiveness of these costs.

Our company offers the following studies for the financial sector:

  • Mystery Shopping;
  • Study of the existing and potential customers;
  • Analysis of the attractiveness of the brand;
  • Evaluation of image;
  • Testing advertising ccampaigns;
  • Study  of teh attractiveness of existing products and offers;
  • Identification and assessment of market niches for new products and services for  targeting different audience.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

FMCG market is, perhaps, the most competitive and low-margin sphere,  which is in addition a subject to seasonal fluctuations. Product categories are continuously updated. New products constantly appear in the market and their success depends on many factors, including the volume and accuracy of information about the markets.
The key to success in the field of FMCG is access to comprehensive information on the situation and dynamics of the market, competitors and consumers, and its proper use. Our agency has extensive experience in market research of FMCG . Our clients are the largest manufacturers and distributors.

We specializes in marketing research in the following product groups FMCG:

  • Drinks;
  • Tobacco;
  • Alcohol;
  • Food products.

In the field of FMCG, we can offer :

  • Testing of new and existing products;
  • Evaluation of the advertising campaigns and concepts;
  • Study of consumer preferences;
  • Segmenting customers and study of the target segments;
  • Satisfaction studies  of consumer goods.


Clothing market is subject to serious and rapid changes. There are new fashion trends, changing consumption patterns. Manufacturers and distributors of clothing must be sensitive to track these changes.

In the multi-country markets, domestic producers have to engage in heavy competition with foreign producers, primarily from Turkey and south- eastern region. Therefore, the correct market segmentation and positioning of their products relative to competitors is a question of survival.

In the field, we can offer:

  • Assessing the potential of the brand;
  • Evaluation of the advertising campaigns and concepts;
  • Identification of price preferences;
  • Brand Loyalty;
  • Study  of the luxury clothing segment.