Our territorial and functional management

We share the strength of our fieldwork execution with research Territorial Management that allows to manage inexpensive and strong Face-to-Face PAPI data collection in 32 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and former Soviet Union.
At the core of successful implementation of all our projects is effective production connection between functional and linear multilevel system of project management.

Our territorial management

The first level of territorial management

Our head managing office (functional management) coordinates the work of our Regional directors (line management). The head office provides all communications with clients and approving of project terms of reference. Head office at the central level of territorial management performs functions of quality control, monitoring, timeliness and volumes of the project. At the head office are concentrated functional and line managers of analytical and executive divisions, as well as financial management of all projects.

The second level of territorial management

Regional Director of MRP-EURASIA. Each Regional Director coordinates 3 - 5 countries of patronized sub-region. Regional Director concentrates in himself a REGIONAL projects management. He receives from Headquarter his part of sub-regional tasks, divides and distributes local parts among countries (representative offices) in dedicated sub-region. Back from the field, he accepts collected information, and without wasting time for primary information processing sends a summary report to the central office. Its functions also include providing operational control of assignments and operational monitoring of execution at the sub-regional level.

The third level of territorial management

Local superior managers of MRP-EURASIA. In its turn, each country offise at the level LOCAL projects management operates autonomously as a closely associated tandem of functional superior manager (Local country director) and linear superior manager (Local Field Supervisor). This is the third (final) level of territorial management. Thus, Local country director ensures current administrative resources of local office, correct application of technical standards in project, communication standards and staff preparation to the concrete task. Local Field Superviser provides necessary field resources for a particular project, data collection providing and local supervisors and interviewers managing.

Stuff territorial structure


Our management benefits:

  • Cost-effective balance between handling and a high reduction in the administrative workload;
  • Efficient combination of technological standards succession and decision-making autonomy on the internal local management level;
  • Highly advanced technologies of personnel recruitment, motivation and training staff;
  • Effective implementation into practice the principles of democratic decentralism and de-concentration of management;
  • High sensitivity and mobility of the central management to the challenges of external competitive and client environment.