MRP-EURASIA providers and tenders

MRP-EURASIA providers and tenders

The MRP-EURASIA provides many opportunities for suppliers, contractors and consultants worldwide. Most of these procurement opportunities are related to MRP-EURASIA customers-financed projects in our region of operations (Eastern Europe; Central Asia, Former Soviet Union region, NIS). But there are also a limited number of opportunities to tender for contracts involving internal MRP-EURASIA projects and departments. We offer open and fair competition in all our procurement activities.

The MRP-EURASIA has developed mechanisms to ensure that the highest level of integrity is respected in all of its activities, including Procurement.

Procurement opportunities fall under several types:

Corporate Procurement

We seek products, services and experts for internal MRP-EURASIA projects and departments at our Moldova headquarters and our network of regional offices.

Consultancy Services

Selection and engagement of providers for the needs of MRP-EURASIA Clients/Customers.

Outside Counsel Services

Selection and engagement of outside individual experts for the needs of MRP-EURASIA.

Procurement FAQs

Further detail on our procurement opportunities and processes.

1. How can I register as a supplier/provider to MRP-EURASIA?

MRP-EURASIA does not maintain a list of preferred suppliers - every procurement opportunity is open to any qualified supplier.

MRP-EURASIA also seeks applications from firms interested in acting as Outscoring service provider in connection with various technical processes and procedures in the project implementation.

2. Where can I find information on procurement notices of MRP-EURASIA?

All procurement notices and opportunities are published and available on this web-page below.

3. I heard there is a procurement opportunity for a product or service within my field of activity. I want to participate. Who should I contact in MRP-EURASIA?

All active procurement opportunities are published on this procurement page below and include details on how to participate in the selection process. Every procurement notice also includes the contact details of the person to whom all queries should be addressed.

4. Can small companies enter into business relationships with MRP-EURASIA?

Competition is open to any size of company. For specific assignments MRP-EURASIA or its clients may require participants to demonstrate a minimum turnover or company size to qualify; in such cases the notice will clearly specify the requirements.

5. We missed the procurement notice deadline, can we still work with MRP-EURASIA?

It is obviously possible to participate in other procurement opportunities but not the ones where the deadline has already passed (unless the deadline was extended).

A revision to the deadline is normally indicated in the notice. It is recommended that suppliers regularly visit this web-page to keep up to date with any changes in the notices including any possible extension.

6. If I am interested in working with MRP-EURASIA is it possible to come in and present our services?

We would prefer all unsolicited approaches to be made electronically in the first instance.

7. What are the terms and conditions of tenders in MRP-EURASIA?

All terms and conditions are specified in each tender document. For procurement related to opened projects, we will provide standard tender documentation in response to your application, directed on

8. How does MRP-EURASIA pay suppliers/providers?

Payment and other contractual terms are always negotiated and agreed with each supplier on a case-by-case basis and will depend upon the nature of the services, goods or works being provided.

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