Who we are

Market Research & Polls – EURASIA (MRP-EURASIA) - Consumer surveys and Market research services company operates in all Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, Central Asia, all former Soviet Union countries, including NIS region.

MRP-EURASIA is research international agency, providing a full spectrum of market research and opinion survey services on the vast territory of Eurasian continent.

Founded back in 1997, our team has deeper insight, better knowledge and understanding of consumer attitudes, preferences and public behavior in emerging markets of former Soviet Union, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

The pledge of our reputation is the high professionalism of our employees, the use of modern research methods and advanced technical base. All of these provides for superb conduct of research at the top level for the effective development of our client's business.

MRP-EURASIA group company incorporated in Moldova - has a transnational wide Eurasian presence - catering to the clients across the globe for their needs, wants and requirements.

We are into development and implementation of custom-built marketing focused business solutions, in order to deliver measurable and significant improvements in organizational bottom line profitability.

Our unique strengths as follows:

1. A well-organized territorial / local management

  • In each local representative office MRP-EURASIA (in each of 32 countries of our network) we use a complete unit of senior functional managers: Local Country Director and his Senior Field Supervisor;
  • In each local representative office MRP-EURASIA (in each of 32 countries of our network) we use a permanent experienced staff of interviewers, distributed, for at least of 3-5 main cities of the country;
  • In each local representative office MRP-EURASIA (in each of 32 countries of our network) we use the backup "personnel reserve" of interviewers and supervisors with various additional specialty which we engage to work extra in the specific cases of "narrow" projects on dedicated industries;
  • In ourterritorial management structure multiple local offices of one subregion are managed and controlled by an additional dedicated Regional Director , to which submits the local country director;
  • unique management transparency: we are publishing the names and contacts of local senior managers (local directors and senior supervisors) and Regional Directors on our site in section "Contact Us", we are publishing the structure of our territorial management on our site in section "Our territorial and functional management".

2. Cost-effective project management

  • due to absence of bulky territorial management (we do not use the services of various mediators - subcontractors and unnecessary intermediate management links) and a well-thought-out clear technological procedures, we are considered as one of the "cheapest" PAPI providers of Market Research in the Eurasian continent;
  • we are deeply convinced that our prospects lying not in a high added value, and diversify of customer base and in increasing the number of projects.

3. High-quality and sustainable production standards

  • MRP-EURASIAindustry standards are based on the technological and ethical standards ESOMAR;
  • We are believe that the customer is guided in choosing of contractor for a steady technological chain, clear and transparent pricing, the ability to strict adherence to contractual obligations and terms of implementation;
  • Our procedures for quality assurance and control combined multi-level control over managing projects as on the local field staff, strict selection and initiative replacement of defective sections of the technological chain and clear and easily measurable corporate responsible to the client for potential mistakes.

4. Project-oriented preparing and selection of field staff.

  • we carry out preparation of local staff dedicated to each project, developing guides and manuals, graphics, techniques and methods for training that prior to the start of the project shall be approved by the client;
  • we are have regular current training and workshops for maintenance and professional development of our local field staff;
  • transparencyfor the customer in our personnel work and staff training: these details and the current work of HR-department can be seen at our website on the page "staffing practices and transparency of management".