Regional Omnibus Surveys

For the first time on the Omnibus Surveys market:

The FREE-SAMPLED Multi-Country Omnibus Surveys

Customer pays only for the actual (or required) number of completed interviews.



The Project Budget depends on the length of your questionnaire (your set of questions) and on the ordered number of interviews.

Our field staff selects and reach only your target respondents from the general representative sample (N = 1500).

In the end, You do not overpay for unnecessary (extra) respondents!


1.   The Maximum Sample, N max (1201-1500 effective interviews): Cost per 1 minute: 395 EUR

2.   The intermediate sample, N 1 (1001-1200 effective interviews): Cost per 1 minute: 350 EUR

3.   The intermediate sample, N 2 (801-1000 effective interviews): Cost per 1 minute: 305 EUR

4.   The intermediate sample, N 3 (601-800 effective interviews): Cost per 1 minute: 260 EUR

5.   The intermediate sample, N 4 (301-600 effective interviews): Cost per 1 minute: 230 EUR



Every month

Deadline for sending questionnaire

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MRP-EURASIA conducts continuously a multi-client representative syndicated surveys -Omnibuses on monthly basis.

Omnibus - a syndicated quantitative study for several clients: the questionnaire is formed through adding exclusive questions for each client to the standard social-demographic block. Based on the representative sample.

To confirm participation in the next Omnibus you need to provide one or more questions for the questionnaire or just set a goal to achieve – our specialists will formulate questions themselves.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available to conduct omnibuses:

Participation in OMNIBUS EXPRESS provides the following advantages:

  • It is a cost effective vehicle for obtaining nationally representative information: costs partially are shared between several clients
  • The number of the questions in the MRP-EURASIA are pre-defined and limited in number which prevents against overloading of the questionnaire and ensures the quality of the information
  • There is a block of questions describing media consumption and some general consumer habits, which could be obtained at preferential price
  • Each client pays and receives only the results of HIS block of questions + standard demographics: region, type of location, gender, age, education, employment, job position, field of employment, marital status, number of household members, average monthly income per household member, an average monthly household income, ethnicity

The MRP-EURASIA omnibus surveys could be used for including questions regarding:

  • Usage of services and/or  products
  • Attitudes towards services and/or products
  • Purchase behavior
  • Brand image
  • Satisfaction with products / brands
  • Media behavior
  • Whether an advertisement is attractive and memorable as a whole
  • Attitudes towards the advert
  • Advertising awareness and recall
  • Pre and post campaign evaluation

Standard presentation of results:

  • Data file
  • Technical report with the sample description
  • Linear distribution of responses

Standard presentation of results:

  • Cross-tabs

To send us a request for an omnibus in Moldova, you can:
1. Go to our email and send us any of your questions or request for proposal;
2. You also can contact the head office research division for all our regions or
3. You should not forget about the main email address of our company all questions and suggestions).