Sociological surveys in Montenegro


Our market research professionals in Montenegro use different approaches and methods to study society and public social behavior. Most sociological research in this country involves ethnography, or “field work” designed to depict the characteristics of a population as fully as possible.

Below you see the list of countries (including Montenegro), where we conduct sociological surveys:

The most popular social research methods are:

  • A. Crosssectional, in which scientists study a number of individuals of different ages who have the same trait or characteristic of interest at a single time
  • B. Longitudinal, in which scientists study the same individuals or society repeatedly over a specified period of time
  • C. Crosssequential, in which scientists test individuals in a cross‐sectional sample more than once over a specified period of time

MRP-EURASIA, as a market research provider in Montenegro organizes 6 basic types of surveys/studies:

1. Life style surveys

2. Consumer studies

3. Sociological studies/insights and surveys

4. Socio-psychological studies/insights and surveys

5. Socio-political studies/insights and surveys

6. Studies/insights of electoral preferences and expectations

We are providing the social surveys in the following main directions:

1 Sociology of Transformations: East and West

2 Social Policy

3 Political Sociology

4 Global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology

5 Economic Sociology

6 Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis

7 Sociology of Culture and Religions

8 Sociology of Consumption

9 Sociology of demographic groups, social minorities and gender relations

10 Sociology of law enforcement and good governance

11 Sociology of democracy development

We were often involved to the such social research topics as:

1."Phenomenon and background of "color" and "flower" revolutions in former Soviet countries”.

2. "Detection of strained social situations and modeling of political processes in the emerging economies".

3. "Destabilization factors in Russia's relations with the surrounding countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia".

4. "The comparative study of public opinion in the former Soviet Union countries on the social and political promises, perspectives and values of the "West": and "East"...

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List of 3 cities (distributed across all geographical, administrative and statistical regions of the country), including the capital Podgorica (274826), with the largest populations, according to the 2008 census.


City Name


Field interviewers, respectively


Podgorica (Capital)








Bijelo Polje






In each abovementioned region we have 3-16 our local agents. In Podgorica - 16 in Nikšić – 5, in Bijelo Polje - 3 field interviewers. Plus, in each region we possess Regional Supervisor (1 supervisor per 7-9 interviewers).

1. MRP-EURASIA Senior market research management in Montenegro (inclusive experts in areas):

- The senior manager on quantitative researches - 2;

- The senior manager on qualitative researches - 2;

- The senior manager on work on different B2B projects - 2;

- The senior manager on work with operators and interviewers - 2;

- The adviser-analyst – 2;

2. MRP-EURASIA market research fieldwork staff in Montenegro allows to provide complete and very professional market research assistance in Montenegro:

- Middle age - 31;

- Quantity of new interviewers on the average in a month - 1 per month;

- Quantity of "elite" interviewers (difficult deep and expert interviews) - 4;

- Recruiters - 3 with Operational market research experience in Montenegro - 5 years;

- Operators on data entry (processing data) - 3;

- Supervisors - 4 (Operational experience - 5 years minimum);

- Controllers - 3 (Operational experience - 6 years).

To send us a request for a case social(life style) or political behavior and expectations of citizens study in Montenegro, contact us to:
1.  our email and send us any of your questions or request for proposal;
2. You can also contact our head office for macro-regions or
3. You should not forget the main email address of our company any questions and suggestions).

If you want to save as much as possible on a budget, you have an opportunity to use our regional regular Omnibuses (syndicated surveys with a fixed sample, deadlines and other parameters). To learn more about our Omnibuses and calculate your budget, you can follow the link "Our Omnibus".

Below you can see the list of countries where we are available to conduct sociological research:

Below you can see an exemple /part of social survey in Montenegro: