Local Branch of MRP-EURASIA in Greece

Greece representative office of MRP-EURASIA comprises a team of research specialists (analitics and field staff) providing a full research service to businesses and public sector organisations in the World. For all needs contact Greece_RFQ@mrp-eurasia.com

Market research services in Greece

Zalokosta & Kifissias Avenue, Athens, 15233

We offer Clients a wide range of research solutions in Greece. Our specialization in providing customized qualitative and quantitative market research is backed by a team of experienced market research staff to offer accurate and authentic results. We offer end-to-end market research solutions, field data collection and data tabs based on the customer requirements.

We are providing the international research services in Eurasia in the following areas:


• Image studies for political figures, parties and movements;

• Monitoring of the socio-political situation in the country and regions, and social response to foreign policy events;

• Ratings of public institutions, politicians, political parties and movements;

• Measurement of the governance quality and Rule of law; Measurement of the democracy level, and population welfare.


• U & A studies (consumer behavior, preferences and attitudes, purchase decision making process)

• Customer satisfaction, profile and “Life-Style” study

• Brand and advertising awareness, attitude towards advertising

• knowledge of brands and attitude to the products / brands.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available to conduct market research:

Market Research Division Greece (Data Collection Profile of MRP-EURASIA territorial market research representative in Greece)

We have MRP-EURASIA-Greece – our local sub-division, the territorial market research unit in Greece that utilizes F2F PAPI Market research methods in Greece to collect and report directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, market research attitudes and opinions in Greece. Projects range from simple “habits and attitudes” questionnaires to complex in-home product testing studies.

In-Country market Greece Reach

MRP-EURASIA-Greece provides client-custom market research solutions in Greece that utilize reliable market research tools in Greece and proven market research techniques in Greece to enable client businesses to gather the critical consumer feedback necessary for important marketing, product development and other business decisions. In addition, our market survey solutions in Greece requires lower research costs.

We offer our customers access to our regional market research studies in Greece (targeted and syndicated).
Our target market research (Ad-hoc) is F2F and CATI collection of field information, in the form of:

  • Market research Personal Interviews (F2F PAPI) in Greece:
    Face-to-face interviews in Greece are the best way to know the first hand reaction to the questions in the survey. Our team of market research experts in Greece is well versed with the procedure and very tactfully handles the task as sensitive as this.
  • Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) in Greece:
    Our in-house CATI (computer aided telephone interview) team is enabled and staffed by experienced recruiters and interviewers who have worked in the industry for many years. We typically use this tool is most innovative fashion than anybody in MR industry must have. With telephone as a communication medium becoming more popular and personal with passing second, we totally believe in making the most of this opportunity. Providing support on the telephone, calling up the respondents and knowing their responses- all this is done by our executives in the telecom department with professional expertise and tactful approach.
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) in Greece:
    Few research subjects require exhaustive information from respondents for an in-depth study and analysis. In such cases we host in-depth one-on-one interviews. Our team makes it sure that the respondents are totally at ease, the questions are clearly and objectively framed, and that the responses are recorded without any bias. Our processed help us gain maximum inputs for the best results.
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGD) in Greece:
    To know the general mood of the target audience, to gauge their pulse, and to explore discrepancies in their behavior pattern (if any), we conduct Group Discussions. This process helps us know consumer behavior and their expectations.
  • Central Location Tests (CLT) / Hall-tests in Greece:
    These are the tests that are held at a centrally located place.  
    A hall-test is typically a face-to-face interview conducted at a venue (Household, Hotel, etc.) or special venues (Convention center, Lab, etc.). If you need to measure, evaluate the consumer perception for a concept or product’s properties, to test an ad or ad concept, or measure brand image, a hall-test is one of the most effective ways to do so.
    The goal of a hall test is to conduct individual testing of specific products, as well as product packaging and advertising materials. In a short amount of time, this method allows one to get target audience opinion on strengths and weaknesses of a tested product, its competitive advantages and features that require finalization or improvement. MRP-EURASIA conducts hall tests in their state-of-the-art in representative countries offices (testing laboratories). Sometimes, Hall tests are conducted in special venues (at large Multiplexes or malls) to enable a relatively large number of respondents to see and test the products under study. Respondents are screened and recruited from high streets adjacent to the venues.
  • Retail (or Store) audit in Greece:
    Study of a selected sample of retail outlets, provided as subscription-based service by market research firms. Retail-audit service providers gather information on a brand's sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts, and other associated aspects.

Syndicated market research in Greecehas multi-country periodic (or wave) conducting structure. Outstanding among them are such powerful direction as Regional Omnibuses and Tracking Studies, who also use technologies F2F PAPI and CATI field data collection:

  • Regional Omnibuses in Greece:
    An omnibus survey in Greece is a method of quantitative marketing research where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview. Usually, multiple research clients will provide proprietary content for the survey (paying to 'get on the omnibus'), while sharing the common demographic data collected from each respondent. The advantages to the research client include cost savings (because the sampling and screening costs are shared across multiple clients) and timeliness (because omnibus samples are large and interviewing is ongoing).
  • Tracking Studies in Greece:
    Tracking studies usually involve collecting quantitative data from consumers panels on a regular basis. A tracking study is a survey that is used to monitor any consumer indexes changes over time. This type of survey is typically carried out as a series of "waves", where each wave consists of one or more collections of response data.

Our data collection Division only employs highly experienced data collection personnel to attend to your varied types of data collection services requirements. With the ability to collect the most appropriate and effective data, you will be able to make the more effective decisions in the future. By utilizing our quality data collection services, we assure you that you won’t repent using our dedicated data collection services.