Local Branch of MRP-EURASIA in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan representative office of MRP-EURASIA comprises a team of research specialists (analitics and field staff) providing a full research service to businesses and public sector organisations in the World. For all needs contact Uzbekistan_RFQ@mrp-eurasia.com

Market research reports in Uzbekistan

44 Usmon Nir, Тashkent, Uzbekistan
Mr. Guldarbog Magurov, Country Director
of MRP office in Uzbekistan
Mr. Baurjan Galiev,
Local Senior Superviser for Market research services in Uzbekistan

On this web page, you can see below a brief technical report (or part of this report) on public opinion polls carried out by our MRP-EURASIA in country.

Here are placed some details of research tools and used local resources involved in this project. The purpose of this page to help visitors of our website get an idea of everyday work MRP-EURASIA in many countries (especialy in country).

In order to get all the other details about the executed projects in country and other countries, you can look at our experience.

If you have not find interesting you details (for example, costs, personnel competence, specificity and complexity of practical moments, etc.), please send us the corresponding request on rfq@mrp-eurasia.com. We will try to answer you in detail (of course, within the limitations of our contracts with customers) In any case, MRP-EURASIA solemnly declares all presented information herein belongs to our company, and is the real final result or intermediate products of our research activities in country.

Thus, we caution our reports are not for selling (partially or completely), not share all the details of studies or full reports, as we are keeping the corresponding obligations to our customers and partners), we carry out projects "not on a template" and never use someone else's or secondary sources of information for reporting.

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