Local Branch of MRP-EURASIA in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina representative office of MRP-EURASIA comprises a team of research specialists (analitics and field staff) providing a full research service to businesses and public sector organisations in the World. For all needs contact Bosnia_RFQ@mrp-eurasia.com

Market research opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

No Offices in this country
Ms. Ilvana Tetaric, Country Director
of MRP office in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ms. Maida Galic,
Local Senior Superviser for Market research services in Bosnia and Herzegovina


PRESENTATION of Market research forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Being one of the best F2F Consumer Surveys provider in Europe, MRP-EURASIA in Bosnia and Herzegovina - is the local research representative of the whole international market research agency, headquartered in Eastern Europe and having own offices and strong regional field staff in most of the Eurasian countries.

(country in Eastern Europe) Our country-office works as a field affiliates MRP-EURASIA under its trademark in Bosnia and Herzegovina on proprietary standards and technologies, and provides a full range of sociological and market research services.

MRP-EURASIA-Bosnia and Herzegovina – market research territorial unit and provides a full cycle of market research services in this country. Our market research staff here performs all kinds of market research, analysis and market research intelligence on the local market, beginning the development plan of market research to data analysis and presentation of market investigation analysis.

Actively and successfully MRP-professionals work in the sphere of trademark examination, brand and corporate research, advertising research, consumer behavior on Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

MRP-EURASIA corporate identity is a mix of research traditions and new market research technologies, original approaches to problem solving. Complicated questions directed to us from our partners, customers, clients require intensive and creative market research work. Scientific and technological potential, Market research opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina gives the keys to understanding which then can be converted to proper action.

Our market research advantages in this country:

Efficiency and exactness of market research services;

The most qualified Market Research professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina work with unique tasks (attracting necessary specialists from other local offices and head office);

Innovated market research technologies (controlled from the head office MRP-EURASIA);

International corporate network support (32 MRP-EURASIA local regional representations and head office);

State of the experienced and skilled marketing specialist and other market research regional resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

Consulting group of industry-focused market research experts with large market research experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina in different business fields;

You can see the overall territorial management of MRP-EURASIA (including the local market research division in Bosnia and Herzegovina) on this page "Our territorial and functional management".


1. MRP-EURASIA market research professional network in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnian country-office (local market research representative of MRP-EURASIA) covers the whole territory of market Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. The distribution of our market research field staff Bosnia and Herzegovina among most populous Bosnian cities:

List of 10 cities (distributed across all geographical, administrative and statistical regions of the country), including the capital Sarajevo (438443), with the largest populations, according to the 2013 census.





Field interviewers, respectively



Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina




Banja Luka

Republika Srpska





Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina





Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina





Republika Srpska





Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina





Republika Srpska





Brčko District





Republika Srpska





Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina







In each abovementioned region we have 4-25 our local agents. In Sarajevo - 21, in Banja Luka – 12, in Tuzla - 10 field interviewers. Plus, in each region we possess Regional Supervisor (1 supervisor for 5-6 interviewers).

3. The market research interviewer force in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

25% of our interviewers - students of economics from the 3rd year and higher Students and young specialists used by us in standard or simple projects are in the personnel reserve of MRP-EURASIA. 50% of our interviewers - experienced market research professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina with one or two higher education, and age 30-45 years, with experience of at least 5 of our market research projects during the past 2 years, taking part in polls and other surveys in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a regular basis? As a permanent staff. 60% of our interviewers - women.

All of our interviewers and supervisors regularly undergo training on the basics of communication and briefings on each project. In addition we carry out with them the implementation of distance education and test tasks and checking the level of readiness to current market research projects in country.

The interviewers recruited for a survey are trained in regional market research office in Bosnia and Herzegovina (or by webinars) with the help of the manuals used by Self-Instructional Workbook for Telephone and Personal Interview Training. For each survey a full set of manuals is provided for interviewers and regional supervisors followed by an on-line briefing.

Market research representative Bosnia and Herzegovina has a team of full-time qualitative researchers, moderators and market research analysts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who work with different targets using a wide range of professional techniques. The projects could be conducted in all regions of market Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meanwhile, the head office of MRP-EURASIA (and also Regional Director of this sub-region) provides a complete and effective control over the quality of market research projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, if necessary, offers managerial and analytical assistance to the local office.

4. Level and professionalism degree of Market research staff country:

- All base - 105 for Bosnia and Herzegovina market (48% of this quantity is in staff reserve) ;

- Active in Sarajevo - 21;

- Middle age - 28;

- Quantity of new interviewers on the average in a month - 3 per month;

- Quantity of "elite" interviewers (difficult deep and expert interviews) - 10;

- Recruiters - 10 with Operational market research experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 5 years;

- Operators on data entry (processing data) - 9;

- Supervisors - 15 (Operational experience - 5 years minimum);

- Controllers - 10 (Operational experience - 6 years).

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina market research experts in areas:

- The senior manager on quantitative researches - 1;

- The senior manager on qualitative researches - 1;

- The senior manager on work on different B2B projects - 3;

- The senior manager on work with operators and interviewers - 1;

- The adviser-analyst – 2;

6. Facilities and equipment as a important Market research opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

- Proper space for FGDs (equipped with audio-and video-recording systems);

- Computers for data entry and data processing and for webinars;

- Necessary computer programs for processing data received from field studies;

- Scanning and copying machines for reproduction of materials;

- Voice Recorders for conducting in-depth interviews.

In the team of marketing specialists MRP-EURASIA-Bosnia and Herzegovina and along all local offices MRP-EURASIA operate only economically active people. In our Company, is strictly prohibited forced labor, and there are no restrictions or penalties when changes place of work staff. Our company does not use any racial, national, regional and other non-specialized criteria in the selection of staff that ensures equal access to any specialist to work in the company.

Below you can see the list of countries where we have strong regional representatives for conducting surveys: